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Navigating Setbacks: A Guide to Getting Back on Track

The beginning of the year can be challenging for some, with new year’s resolutions fading away and unexpected obstacles hindering progress. Although my wife and I faced some challenges this year with family sickness and surgeries, it set us back from getting started on our yearly goals rather than completely derailing them. We still have faith in our ability to achieve these goals and are taking steps to get back on track.

One of the things that helped us was attending a conference in Miami with industry leaders. Being around like-minded people can help reset your mind and shift things back into perspective. If attending a conference isn’t an option, following thought leaders like Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, or one of the sharks of Shark Tank like Robert Herjavec, can provide the same benefits. These individuals encourage and motivate us to keep going and stay focused on our goals. They also emphasize the importance of keeping a schedule and sticking to it to move the needle forward.

Time management is crucial, and keeping a schedule can help us stay on track and avoid missed opportunities due to interruptions from everyday life. Scheduling time for meditation, exercise, personal development, and family time is just as important as scheduling time for work-related activities and client meetings. It’s essential to take care of our mind and body to achieve success in our personal and professional lives. When we work out, we feel better, look better, and gain the confidence we need to face our everyday challenges. Engaging our minds in positive thinking and challenging ourselves to learn new things can lead to creative thinking and better performance in our businesses.

Darren Hardy recommends scheduling in 90-minute blocks of intense work and taking 15-minute breaks to regroup and recharge. Let’s talk a moment about these 90 minute blocks of time. During these 90 minute blocks you are hair-on-fire, head-down, nose to the grindstone, getting it DONE. Think about how much work you could suddenly get done if your spouse said, “Hey babe, I’ve just booked us a flight to Hawaii that leaves tomorrow.” YAY and YIKES!! You’ve got one day to get a week’s worth of work done. What would you prioritize as MUST DOs? What could be delegated? If I had to guess, you’d find a way to get it all done and have yourself on that airplane before it leaves the tarmac. You’d stop checking unnecessary emails, stop answering your phone, stop looking at social media, and in general, you’d stop wasting time. 

Now, 90 minutes may be too long of a block for you. I have a friend that works fabulously in 45 minute blocks. It’s crucial to listen to your body and figure out the best way to schedule your day. By following a schedule, we can achieve our goals and improve our chances of success.

In conclusion, the first quarter of the year may not have gone as planned (it certainly hasn’t for us), but it’s never too late to reset and get back on track. By attending industry conferences or following thought leaders, creating a schedule, and prioritizing our mind and body’s health, we can achieve success and reach our goals. Let’s make the most of the remaining quarters of the year and push ourselves towards greatness. Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this post helpful.

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Author: Richard Burnham Marketing Strategist The Salt Net Marketing & Consulting

Richard has worked with some amazing businesses over the last six years and has been able to achieve great results helping them with their marketing. Working together, they have been able to Increase phone calls, drive traffic to websites, optimize business listings, and see tremendous growth in those businesses. Some of the types of businesses he has worked with have been varying kinds of therapists, chiropractors, and mobility dealers, to name a few. Richard has also consulted with restaurants, CPA’s, carpet cleaners and many more service-based businesses within the chamber of commerce. Richard has served both as an ambassador and member of the small business committee within the chamber of commerce. 

If you would like to book a consultation you can contact him by filling out the contact form.

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