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The Power of Purpose in Your ‘Why’

Finding Your ‘Why’ in Business and Life

In the beginning, the entrepreneurial journey is filled with excitement and ambition. It starts with a vision—a compelling force that drives every decision and action. But underlying this journey is an important question that forms the foundation of enduring success: What is your ‘why’? This is not simply a philosophical question, but a practical cornerstone that defines every aspect of your business. Understanding your ‘why’ is essential, as it connects deeply with your customers, team, and the wider community, forming genuine relationships that go beyond simple business transactions


The Essence of ‘Why’

Your ‘why’ embodies the core spirit behind your business. It goes far beyond the products or services you offer; it’s what infuses your brand with meaning and purpose. When people connect with your ‘why,’ they see more than just a business—they see a mission that they want to support and participate in. This connection fosters trust, loyalty, and a sense of community around your brand. It’s about building relationships where customers and partners become advocates and ambassadors, driven not just by what you sell but by the shared values and visions you uphold.


Personal Stories and Insights

In our businesses, my wife, Wendy, and I have consistently aimed to align our operations with our deeper purpose. Our ‘why’ has always been centered around helping others and utilizing our God-given talents to improve the lives and businesses of others. This alignment has brought us some business success, but more importantly, it has brought us profound personal fulfillment. It has turned everyday transactions into meaningful exchanges and simple customer interactions into lasting relationships.


Practical Guidance

Identifying your ‘why’ involves deep introspection and a willingness to ask yourself meaningful questions about what truly drives you. Reflect on the moments when you felt most fulfilled—what were you doing? Why did it feel significant? Documenting these insights and identifying patterns can guide you in understanding your core motivations. It’s also crucial to effectively communicate this ‘why’ to your team, ensuring that everyone understands and shares this central mission. This shared understanding is vital for maintaining a motivated and cohesive team.


The Role of Faith

In our journey, faith plays a foundational role. God is an integral part of our business operations, our Chief Financial Officer, overseeing and guiding our decisions. This spiritual foundation instills a commitment to serve rather than be served, guided by the principles outlined in Mark 10:45a, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” This scripture emphasizes the importance of service and generosity in all our dealings.


Challenges in Maintaining Your Why

Maintaining your ‘why’ can be challenging amid the daily pressures and allure of quick financial gains. Remind yourself of your core motivations and align your actions accordingly. Regular reflection on your ‘why’ can help you stay on track, ensuring that your business actions reflect your personal values and long-term goals.



I was told once by a friend I dearly love and miss that Profit is not a bad word, but our main focus as business owners is to fulfill the needs of our clients, serve them, and the money will come. Having business goals and knowing your numbers is important. If you don’t, your business is, most likely, in trouble. I hope you understand that what I’m suggesting is not to give up your goals and aspirations, certainly not, but remember your ‘why’ or the chase for the dollar will consume you and losing everyone and everything you hold dear can become a reality. Just as I’ll never forget my friend, I’ll never forget that conversation and the impact it had on me. (Thanks, Brother.) 



As an entrepreneur, focusing on your clients and serving them can, if you’re not careful, become a job that never ends. You can work 18 hour days and weekends, too. You can miss every family event for the sake of the business. For Wendy and I, running more than one business and being caregivers for elderly parents can definitely devour every second of every day, if we let it, which would kill the very reason we went into business for ourselves in the first place. Freedom. We can serve others, live and walk our ‘why’, and grow our businesses, but we have to remember to take time for ourselves and family. Time to recharge and even heal from ‘bad’ days or weeks. Which, in and of themselves, aren’t ‘bad’. A day is just a day, it’s what we do with it that counts. We can choose to learn from it or get bitter because of it. I choose to learn. The time we take to reflect on the day is how we heal and learn. A healed heart is an open heart and you can only walk in your ‘why’ with an open heart. Any less, and your customers will see imbalance in you and walk away.  



Embracing and understanding your ‘why’ enriches not just your business but your entire life. It’s a journey that demands continuous exploration, dedication, and commitment. This journey enhances not only the success of your business but also the quality of your personal experiences, leading to a life filled with purpose and impact.


An Invitation

Reflect on your own entrepreneurial journey—how has understanding your ‘why’ shaped your decisions, leadership, and relationships? If you don’t yet have your ‘why’, consider it and then go out and move the world with it! 

Richard Burnham SEO

Richard P Burnham

Explore, Dream, Discover, Conquer! I love what I do in helping businesses with their marketing and building relationships with the owners. Life is about helping people and, when we do, it creates fulfillment and enjoyment seeing others succeed, grow and expand their borders. I am thankful and blessed to have the support of my wonderful wife (and partner in business) that allows us to live out the life we choose. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore, dream, discover and conquer! You were meant to soar!  Book a strategy call today!

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